There should always be a meal with my name on it

no school today

Right now I feel like I own the world. It's a pretty good feeling. 


Summer never seemed to come along and when it did, it felt all wrong

Tommorow, at 5:00 pm I will be out the door and on my way to a nice little market with mom and some old lady. Why? Because I'm crazy, and way to nice to my mom. Now you know that. And relieved after telling you I will return to drinking tea while listening to Bowie.

About the photo: A result of me falling on my butt, because of Emilias seriously unstabile heels, and picking some flowers. 

and now I'm going to the country to paint my mail box blue

with a slight chance of being too awesome I will now show myself for the first time. (If you don't count the drawing of me below) So this is the ultimate duo, Jenny and Emilia.


I have seen to many movies. I have read to many books.

Tonight, I oficially broke up with math. I realized we have nothing in common and that we don't understand eachother at all. It was better this way I guess. Instead, I spent my evening on my bedroomfloor, bonding with  dear old pen and paper. 

Stupid. But nice. So no regrets.


Rock children hold your heads up

I promised you that I would show you some more shoots, and here they are. 
To introduce myself, I'm the one standing behind the camera, and so it is most of the times. There is many reasons why, but I prefer: Don't like standing in front of the camera. Though, I will sometimes. 


I'm on my way on a train. Steaming along in the rain

With a bowler hat and briefcase, I ran away from home for the weekend. 
May gave us a cold rainy hug, so we spent the majority of the time inside with our dear television. Apart from the 10 minutes it took to shoot these photos that is.


sneak peek

Mer bilder kommer så småningom! 

- A minishoot with my sister-