This girl taught me a dance / called the i don’t care / she said to me / it’s easy i swear

I've been playing with my niece and laughing my ass off as her hair went from fuzzy to a completely new life form while on the trampoline.

"Sibelle is cute?" she asked.

"Haha! NO!" I responded, and then she laughed, kissed my knee and slapped me in the face.


In colored scenes the dancing queens with lazer beams

So I was in Estonia.

It was cold as a lot of ugly words but the city (Tallinn, why go elsewhere?) was nice. There were a lot of very unfashionable people and pink houses. But who cares about that when there's a guy in a cocaine shirt, flip flop's and shorts casually smoking in the middle of everything? (The rest of the population was devotedly blowing on their frost-bitten fingers) I'm in love. Just a little, but still.

As always I ended up with about a million pictures of streets and houses that was incredibly useless the second I got home. Like "Street style - Street style". Boring.

Yet somehow the only picture I got of myself is in underwear with chocolate on my forehead. No comment.

_jenny (now flying solo. Emilia can come back now plz)

in my backyard I sang love away

Hello guapas! Here's some pictures from Laguna Beach last Saturday. Me and my sister spent the whole day there, eating expensive candy and almost get bitten by scary crabs. The beach is beautiful and I could already feel the summer coming (since people were already splashing around in the water)! I, however, dressed in a warm cozy sweater - I ain't taking my shirt of till I'm ready for beach 2012! 
Tomorrow I'm going out in the desert, maybe I'll take some photos there too. 
Stay tuned and stay sweet!


but the nothing's surrounded by us

Hello dear old blog. Since you last heard from me, much has happened. Most importantly, I now no longer live in Sweden, but Jenny still do. It's been like six months since I last saw her and I can't wait for summer to come so I can meet her again! Anyway, we were talking on skype the other day and brought up this old little blog, barely four months old before we abandoned her, and decided to give her an other try. So I wanna welcome you to, - the ultimate edition.


In the park we could go walking drown in the dark or we could go sailing on the sea

The week we spent in Göteborg (There's no uglier word than Gothenburg. Seriously.)

And well, this does not make up for an entire week. More like an hour. Anywho.. This was the part with us wearing makeup and actual clothes so... 

But I don't really like you, apologetically dressed in the best, but on a heartbeat glide

We're back (wohoo?)

flood the streets with love or light or heat whatever

I've spent the last few days at my grandmothers house, which means it's summer for real, yey!

Now I'm going to listen to my awesome spotify list.