In colored scenes the dancing queens with lazer beams

So I was in Estonia.

It was cold as a lot of ugly words but the city (Tallinn, why go elsewhere?) was nice. There were a lot of very unfashionable people and pink houses. But who cares about that when there's a guy in a cocaine shirt, flip flop's and shorts casually smoking in the middle of everything? (The rest of the population was devotedly blowing on their frost-bitten fingers) I'm in love. Just a little, but still.

As always I ended up with about a million pictures of streets and houses that was incredibly useless the second I got home. Like "Street style - Street style". Boring.

Yet somehow the only picture I got of myself is in underwear with chocolate on my forehead. No comment.

_jenny (now flying solo. Emilia can come back now plz)

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